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Başlamak çalt we aňsat! 💚
1. "SIGN UP" hasaba alyň, hasabyňyza "SIGN IN" gündeligi bilen giriň
2. "ADD FUNDS" "METHOD" -ni "AMOUNT" 10-300 $ saýlaň, "PAY" basyň, puluňyz hasabyňyza ýazylar. “PayPal”, “Unitpay”, “Payeer”, “Payoneer” töleg hyzmatlarynyň üsti bilen töleýärsiňiz, töleg maglumatlaryňyzy ýygnamarys ýa-da saklamarys.
3. "NEW ORDER" "CATEGORY" Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GoogleBusiness / Map, eBay, SoundCloud, Spotify, TikTok, Reddit, LinkedIn, Telegram, VK, Ok, Pinterest, SEO, VPN, Sahypa traffigi, Yzky baglanyşyklary saýlaň we ş.m select "SERVICES" get "DESCRIPTION" past "LINK" and "QUANTITY" (all price per 1000pcs, can order less/more pcs), push "SUBMIT", all orders go to work right away
4. "ORDERS"  see your placed and process status.
5. "TICKETS" there are questions, ask them here, "SUBJECT" add № Order, "MESSAGE" enter your question, push "SUBMIT TICKET" (we usually respond immediately, sometimes within 1 hour, but no later than 24hours)
6. "SERVICES" contains all our services, "FAQ" answers to frequently asked questions, "TERMS" the rules by which we work, "API" for web tools, "BLOG" articles on social media marketing SMM