#2020 #тренд SMM: несколько хитростей, которые должны знать все люди. Бренд знака любви.

#2020 #trend #SMM: a few tricks that all people should know. Brand of love transfer.

#2020 #trend #SMM: a few tricks that all people should know. Brand of love transfer.

In 2020, a strategy for promoting social media marketing will be much more important than ever before. The reason for this is a change in the decision-making process by consumers (especially adults) when shopping online. More and more people are making purchase decisions based on the recommendations of their friends on social networks. Social networking algorithms are also constantly changing. Thus, it becomes important to know which advertising or social events work and which do not.

Second Long Invasion

If the post is interesting, the subscriber will absorb it in a minute. If the post touches on relevant, personal, “hot” topics, then it will be read to the end. These are two key factors in long texts that will keep the reader focused on the last phrase, point or hashtag.

But this does not mean that the longs have completely taken over the Network. Short but informative or energetic posts work well too. Especially if there are many representatives of Generation Y among your subscribers, they do not like to read. They perceive the world through colorful photographs and videos.

Better to analyze and diversify. Publish a message, evaluate the result, draw conclusions and change the content strategy accordingly.

Stream, stream, stream

Live broadcasting is a cool thing, but it should be done by an interesting person or show a cool event.

Influential Persons: Who Framed Millionaires?

You may already know that it’s not so profitable to have a million subscribers. Let's explain why.

First of all, people discover ads almost immediately, both hidden and explicit. Advertising posts are either quickly viewed, or they collect a bunch of angry comments and unsubscribes.

Secondly, the United States began a hunt for powerful people. The Federal Trade Commission asks bloggers to disclose information about their relationship with brands.

More and more advertisers are contacting people who have from 50 to 100 thousand subscribers. Prices are fair and native advertising is carefully prepared.

Interactive content

To attract a subscriber, it was enough to publish a meme, a cool short phrase or a funny video. Most people have already departed from these types of content. Now you need to publish something lively, exciting and non-trivial.

Quizzes, tests, puzzles help to forget about the daily routine and relax a bit, well, and feel smart; after all, do you know the answers to all the questions?

Highlights of the story

Highlights or Eternal Stories is good. Highlights help to group important information, save time when answering subscribers' questions, for example: “What services do you provide?”

If such information is not necessary, you can group the content into thematic groups.

Many short videos

Short videos turned into an SMM trend in 2019-2020. Short videos and “Vines” turned ordinary people into Instagram stars. These users were not afraid to shoot funny videos, broadcast their personal relationships or create video blogs from sports halls. It’s not so difficult to improve your audience retention and increase engagement if your video lasts only 60 seconds.

Brand identity: show people

Previously, customers wanted to see equipment, devices, or an office where the “magic” took place. Today people want to see how other people dress, how they think, what their values ​​are, etc. Thanks to such a simple and understandable thing, a company is transformed from a “stranger” into a brand of love transfer.

Long distance to sales

There are many impulsive buyers. They see a dress or bag and are ready to empty their wallets or apply for a loan to buy their favorite item.

Some buyers are pragmatic. They delve into the details for a long time. They carefully study the product and company. Previously, in order to reach them, it was necessary to have a Facebook page, website and contextual advertising.

Now there are even more things. Social networks play an important role here. It is not enough to have a Facebook account only. You need Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Yes, some people are already tired of this “zoo” on Instagram. But “ears” and “mustache” still continue to appear in stories.

However, there is good news: with the help of AR and VR tools, some brands have expanded the boundaries of ordinary purchases on the Internet. For example, IKEA offers the AR app to see how furniture fits your bedroom, living room or kitchen. To assess whether IKEA furniture fits into the interior or not, you just need a smartphone and a subscription to the Swedish brand page.

Refusal of ideal profiles: well, finally!

Photos with perfect faces without freckles or fine wrinkles are now uninteresting.