Why use SMM in social network?

Why use SMM in social network and music stream?

Why use SMM in social network and music stream?

Thanks to social networks, you enable your audience to feel involved in your brand. Working here with your audience, you can improve your service by increasing the level of trust among consumers.

But, before "going" in the social. network, you need to determine for yourself whether you and your business need it. Do they say in the social. networks about products similar to yours? Is there a social. networks your target audience and what is its volume?

And one more, the most decisive factor: do you have something to tell your audience on the network about?

Now let's talk about where to go (which social networks should you choose when promoting your projects on the Internet).

When choosing sites on which you will be engaged in your promotion, it should be noted that you do not need to "go" immediately to all existing media.

Analyze what your target audience prefers, and lead your pages there. Often the most popular services are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, AppleMusic

Important! You can see the traffic activity of your site through social networks using Google Analytics.

Speaking about social networks, it should be noted that the most “established” and solvent audience uses Facebook.

Twitter is probably the most popular microblog, but the communication in it should be instant. You need to follow Twitter constantly and it’s very important not to forget about it.

YouTube is one of the best video hosting sites in the world. It contains billions of videos. A huge number of users become attached to the brand, seeing its advertising on YouTube. This network has a high “credit of trust” of users.

Important! When you start a page on social networks, do not forget to notify about it on your official site!

Speaking about how to go (what exactly are we doing to advance on social networks), we mean all those actions that may interest users.

First of all, it can be contests (involvement, call to action), sweepstakes (expanding the reach of the audience), promotions and bonus programs (only for its subscribers), etc.

Secondly, special projects. These are short projects that are uniquely specialized, have great interest and good returns.

And thirdly, it can just be useful articles, essays, videos, tips or workshops that will be interesting to your public and they will be happy to share this information with their friends.

Try to give content that matches the mood of users. You can even break down topics by day of the week.

Monday - the day after the weekend, when users (most often) are in a depressed mood, in anticipation of a long working week, this day should not "load" users with a large flow of information.

Tuesday is a good day, everyone is actively starting to get involved in work and are ready to “consume” new information.

Wednesday is considered the most productive day of the week, as everyone is actively working and at the same time they can very actively participate in various draws and competitions.

On Thursday, all users smoothly begin to think about the weekend, and on this day the perception of information is on the decline, although useful content that is “tied” to holding weekends will be perceived well.

Everyone is planning a weekend on Friday, so the content should be consistent.

Saturday and Sunday - days off and users spend their time offline, on this basis, you can take a break until Monday.

Try to update the content no more than three times a day, and in order for everything to be structured it is very convenient to keep short thematic headings (just their topics can be “tied” to the days of the week). With a non-standard and creative approach to creating your content, the audience of your subscribers will grow.

Remember, all the information you post must go online. If this does not happen, analyze, perhaps you are giving the wrong information or the wrong audience.

But, before thinking about what content you will provide to the user, it is very important to determine how your communication with them will be specifically built.

Will you create yourself as a brand and conduct communication on your own behalf, but representing the company and creating associations with users, or will it be the page of the company that you or someone else from the company will conduct, but incognito, to increase recognition specifically brand.